Rafael Jurado

Animator, Web Developer, 3D Texturizer...

Hi! Welcome to my "Portfolio". In this page I will resume what I have been doing in the past two years, covering different programs and techniques, that help me to carry on with one of my main hobbies.


This is the main software I use to animate or to model, because its very intuitive and also offers a lot of different settings. In my opinion I think I have an intermediate level of knowledge of Blender


This one is a key one, because Adobe has control over a lot of different software, such as Web development, editing... In this case, the programs that I know about are After Effects, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver and Photoshop, with also a decent level of knowledge

Web Development

The programs that I have been working with are Dreamweaver and Sublime Text 3, using HTML, CSS, Boostrap, Jquery and Javascript

Motion Graphics and Editing

Animations and Rigging

3D Models


About Me

Rafael Jurado

My name is Rafael, but everyone calls me Rafa, I'm 19 and I live in a small town in Seville, called Herrera. Since I was I child I have been very pasionate with everything related to software and hardware. I have always loved videogames and how they are made, so I deciced at the age of 18, that I wanted to do something related to it, and here I am!

In order to contact with me you can send me an email to rafajur9141@gmail.com